Comodo Internet Security (V8) changes last modified date/time stamp of files:

If you are using Comodo Internet Security V8, note that it has a feature that changes the Last Modified date/time stamp of files whenever they are copied to a PC that has Comodo V8 installed and running. This affects all files with extensions .EXE/.COM/.BAT/.CMD/.DLL/.JS etc.

Comodo V8 new feature ā€œFile Source Trackingā€ - adds an Alternate Data Stream (ADS) to files whenever they are copied, which in turn changes the Last Modified stamp of files to the current date/time when it was altered.

This could cause SyncBack to propose to re-copy such files over and over again, as it relies on the file properties like Last modified date/time stamp and size attributes to compare the file differences on both sides. If Comodo V8 sets the fileā€™s Last modified date/time to the current date/time during every Copy process, then the Modified date/time on both sides (Source and Destination) will never match, resulting in re-copies of the same files repeatedly.

Here are some workarounds to this issue:

1. You can uninstall Comodo V8 and install V7 (V7 does not have 'File Source Tracking' feature)

2. Disable the 'File Source Tracking' feature in V8 using either method as described below:

2a. Open Comodo Internet Security > Blocked Intrusions (square) > Auto-Sandbox > Uncheck "Enable file source tracking" > OK

2b. Tasks (upper right hand corner) > Sandbox Tasks > Open Advanced Settings > Uncheck "Enable file source tracking" > OK

For more background on what Alternate Data Streams are, refer to this article:

Until Comodo Internet Security release a fix for this issue, Comodo V8 users will have to use the workaround solutions to prevent SyncBack from re-copying certain files repeatedly.