If SyncBack is failing the start when you login, and you are seeing this error in the Windows Task Scheduler, it may be because it requires elevation. This can occur if the user is a member of the backup operators group, for example, but not an administrator. To resolve this you need to set the task to run elevated:

- Start the Task Scheduler (press the Windows key and type scheduler, it should then show Task Scheduler in the start menu, click it)

- You may be prompted for your Windows login password, enter it then click the Yes button

- In the Task Scheduler window, on the left pane: expand Task Scheduler Library, then expand 2BrightSparks, then expand SyncBackPro (or SyncBackProx64, or SyncBackSE, or SyncBackSEx64), then expand your username.

- In the right pane, there will be an entry to start SyncBack (it's name will be just SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE and the Trigger will be "At log on"). Double-click on it to modify it.

- The properties window will appear. At the bottom there will be the checkbox "Start with highest privileges". Tick that and then click OK to save it.

- Logout and log back in.

If you are using Windows 10 then some schedules may fail to run with the error: The requested operation requires elevation (0x800702E4)  

This error will affect profile scheduled to run if you are logged in or not. There are no known problems with profiles that are scheduled to only run if you are logged in or those scheduled to run without a password being used (so they can only access local resources).

To resolve this error:

  • Select the profile in the main windows and click the Schedule button.
  • You may now be prompted for your Windows login password. If so enter it and click OK.
  • Click the Edit Schedule button
  • Go to the Settings tab and untick the checkbox Run interactively if user logged on
  • Click tick (or OK) button to update the schedule

You'll need to do this for all schedules that are failing.