By default, SyncBack will ignore changes to last modification date/time of directories during a backup. Such changes are skipped by default and will not copied to the destination. The last modification date/time of directories is a dynamic property and it's controlled by Windows (or the appropriate OS/firmware of the Destination device). The last modification date/time stamps of folders will change depending on rules or changes based on its contents. 

However, some users may want to copy those changes, so here are the steps to do so:

  1. Modify the profile and go to Compare Options > Date & Time, disable the option "Ignore directory modification date & time changes"
  2. Go to Decisions-Files > Folders, set the option "What to do if the properties or the case of the directories are different" to Automatic

Keep in mind that Windows will automatically change the last modification date/time of a directory if any of its files or subdirectories are changed. A change can be anything at all, e.g. changing a subdirectory last modification date/time. This means every time you run a profile if anything is changed, then the last modification date/time of those directories will be changed by Windows.