When you run SyncBack Touch application on Android for the first time, it will request your permission to use the device’s location. If you do not grant this permission when asked, you will see the message “Connected to WiFi <unknown ssid>” on the main screen of SyncBack Touch application when you connect to a WiFi network. 

Note the device’s location is only needed to provide information about the WiFi network name at which SyncBack Touch is connected to at that moment. The network name is also needed if the user has enabled network fencing which enables SyncBack Touch to accept connection only in certain networks. 

Since Android 8.0, location permission is required to query the active network name as per Google’s Android documentation (https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-scan#wifi-scan-permissions)

If you want to grant permission to access your device’s location:

1. Open SyncBack Touch application on the device.

2. Stop the service by sliding the switch to the left.

3. Go to Menu > Settings and then click the Misc. tab.

4. Click the Permissions button and make sure both Location and Storage permissions are enabled.

5. Exit the SyncBack Touch application and start it again.

NOTE: If you are still seeing the message “Connected to WiFi <unknown ssid>” after you have checked all of the above then make sure the device's Location service feature is enabled as it's required to be enabled for this feature to work.