IDrive® Cloud can be accessed by SyncBackPro by using an AWS S3 compatible mode profile.


First, you need to generate the S3 access keys needed by SyncBackPro to be able to access the buckets. Read the instructions in this page on how to do that.


Then, you need to find the IDrive® Cloud endpoint where the buckets are being stored. You can locate them in this page.


Finally, you need to create an AWS S3 compatible cloud profile in SyncBackPro:

  1. Create a New Profile via the Profile Creation Wizard and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to select Amazon S3 as your Destination via the New Profile Creation Wizard and click on the Next button. You should be brought to the next page, which is the "Cloud Connection Details" page.
  2. Tick the check box "S3 compatible service" and at the Service URL edit box enter the endpoint you have located.
  3. Enter the Access Key and Secret you have generated in the corresponding edit boxes.
  4. Click Refresh to connect to IDrive® Cloud and retrieve a list of buckets residing at the specified endpoint and then select the bucket you want to use and click on Done button. The Profile will be created.
  5. Once the profile is created, configure the local resource (Source), and run the profile to proceed with the backup task.

NOTE: If the IDrive® Cloud buckets are being stored under different endpoints then separate profiles must be created for each endpoint.