Failed to copy from Source : rateLimitExceeded: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Queries' and limit 'Queries per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:1092308504260'

If you get this error when backing up to the Google Drive Cloud using SyncBackPro V10 (or newer versions), it may be because SyncBackPro has exceeded the overall quota set by Google. We suggest creating your own client ID and secret key for SyncBackPro through the Google Cloud Console.

If you are running a SyncBackPro version prior to V10 (e.g. V9 or V8) then you need to upgrade to V11 to replace your client ID and secret key in SyncBackPro. To upgrade visit our upgrade store at:

For more information on creating your own Google API client ID, see Google Drive Client ID and Secret Key article.