Starting with SyncBack V11, there are two different installers:

  • The default installer that can only be run by a Windows Administrator. This installs SyncBack for all the users on the computer.
  • An installer that can be used by a standard Windows user or a Windows Administrator. This lets the user install SyncBack just for themselves or for all users on the computer (if they are an Administrator).

Before V11, there was only the default installer that could only be run by a Windows Administrator. That installed SyncBack for all users on the computer. The filename for this installer is SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe or SyncBackPro_Setup.exe, for example.

The installer that can be used by a standard Windows user or an Administrator has the filename SyncBackPro_Setup_NE.exe or SyncBackPro64_Setup_NE.exe. Notice the "_NE" in the filename.

If a standard user runs the installer then they can only install SyncBack for themselves on the computer. Other Windows users on the same computer will not see it or have access to it, but of course they could also install it for themselves as well. If an Administrator runs the installer then they can choose to install SyncBack for All Users on the computer or just for themselves:

When updating SyncBack, i.e. it is already installed, you are not prompted if you want to install for All Users or just yourself. It will install automatically using the previous selection, i.e. if you previously installed for All Users then it will install for All Users without prompting you, and if you previously installed it just for yourself then it will install just for you without prompting.

If SyncBack is already installed for All Users, i.e. an Administrator already used the default installer to install SyncBack, then if you try to install SyncBack just for yourself (as a standard user) then the installer will warn you before installation.

Which Installer Should I Use?

If you can run the installer as an Administrator, want to run SyncBackPro/SE elevated or want to install for all users of the computer, then it does not matter which you use as either installer can install for all users and run elevated.

If you cannot install as an Administrator, or do not want to run SyncBackPro/SE elevated, then use the non-elevated installer and install for yourself. There are issues you should be aware of (see below).

What Restrictions Are There?

If you install and run SyncBack without elevation then take note of the following:

  • When the installer is not run elevated then the Scheduler Monitor Service cannot be installed.
  • SyncBackPro/SE will not run elevated if it has been installed only for the current user.
  • If SyncBackPro/SE is not run elevated then there are functional restrictions. See the help file for details.