When trying to create a new profile, delete a profile, modify a profile, import or export a profile, rename a profile, modify Global Settings, modify SBMS login settings, run a profile manually, or run a profile as a restore, you may receive one of the following errors:

  1. The security settings for this user do not allow for this action to be performed.
  2. The security settings do not allow for this action to be performed.

The reason you are getting the error is one of the following:

  1. SBMS security settings: Your instance of SyncBackPro is configured to use SBMS, and the user account you are using on SBMS does not allow you to perform that action. Contact your administrator.
  2. Windows Group Policy Object: You administrator has configured the group policy not to allow you to perform the action. Contact your administrator.

It is possible to have both SBMS and GPO restrictions. GPO restrictions take precedence over SBMS restrictions. For example, your GPO configuration may not allow for profiles to be deleted but your SBMS account may allow for it. Because of the GPO restriction, you will not be allowed to delete profiles.