You are strongly recommended to create and use your own API key's with Egnyte and SyncBackPro. If you do not then you will be sharing a single key with all users of SyncBackPro, and that will lead to throttling (403 errors). If you are running a SyncBackPro version prior to V11 (e.g. V10 or V9) then you need to upgrade to V11. To upgrade visit our upgrade store at:

To create a key, contact Egnyte:

Once you have a key:

  1. Start SyncBackPro
  2. Go to burger menu -> Linked Cloud Accounts
  3. Authorize Egnyte by clicking on the switch next to Egnyte (you may need to scroll down)
  4. Enter your domain (typically just your company name as one word)
  5. You are then prompted: Do you have a Client ID/Key and Secret for Egnyte? If not, the default 2BrightSparks values will be used, which may not work. Click Help for more information.
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Enter your Egnyte Key and click OK.
  8. Enter your Egnyte Secret Key and click OK.
  9. You are then redirected to the authorization web page. Click Allow Access.
  10. Copy the code displayed on the page, enter it into SyncBackPro and click OK.
  11. You will receive a notification saying SyncBackPro is now authorized.

Next, change your profiles that use Egnyte to use your cloud account. To do this:

  1. Modify a profile that uses Egnyte.
  2. Go to the Cloud settings page.
  3. Click Use my Account
  4. Click OK to save the profile.