This article presents guidance on how to report any bugs you have discovered when using our software.

Important Guidance

Over 98% of reported bugs have already been fixed...

Every time someone reports a bug, we check this against our database, and then try to replicate the problem with the view to resolving it with an update. If the same bug or feature has been reported before (which is very common), it's important you discover this before sending us a report as this allows us to dedicate more resources to developing new solutions for you :)

If you are having problems with SyncBack or any other of our programs please follow these steps:

- Check you have the very latest version of the program by Reviewing The Latest Version Numbers.

- Reference our History of Changes page to see if the problem has previously been fixed.

- Read the help file (a great many support requests and bug reports are sent without reading the help file which provides a lot of detailed information)

- Search our forums to see if the problem has already been fixed or a solution found. Also check the help file and FAQ section of the help file.

- Experiment to see if you have the same problem in different scenarios.

Advice For FTP Users

If you're using FTP in SyncBack, try using a different FTP server (also with FTP, try using passive and non-passive). If using a network, try it without using the network. If using removable media, try changing the destination to your hard drive. This can help narrow down where the problem is.

If you are still having problems, Contact Support.