Creating a debug information file to help technical support

This article provides information about how to configure SyncBack to output debug information. This information is often required when submitting a technical support ticket.

We have a simple tutorial that explains the basics of creating a debug file.

Article Detail

SyncBack is capable of outputting detailed debug information to a file. This debug information can then be used by technical support personnel to help them locate where the problems are:

  • Run SyncBack
  • If your user interface is not in English then please change the language to English. This can be done via burger main menu > Language. This will ensure the logs and error messages are in English, which is the only language we can provide technical support in.
  • Select Preferences > Output debug information. When there is a tick/check mark next to Output Debug Information then debug information will be created. The title bar should change to reflect this mode, also with RAM & CPU statistics displayed.
  • Run your profile or perform the task asked of you by technical support personnel. You must re-run the profile (etc.) after setting Output Debug Information (it is the new run of the profile that generates the info as it runs - it is not 'retrospective').
  • Once the profile has finished, or the task completed, immediately select Support > Technical Support Wizard from the main window. Do not edit the profile or perform any other task as this may delete or invalidate the debug information.
  • Select the profile from the drop-down list and click the Create button.
  • Submit a support ticket and attach the Zip file created. Please do not extract/send just the debug log/s alone - there is important background information in the Support Zip (for example, your settings)
  • Please click attach file when contacting Support

After providing the debug file, you are advised to switch off debug output as it degrades performance. To do this simply run SyncBack and uncheck Preferences > Output debug information.