This article provides information about known bugs with the latest release version of SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree.

To report new bugs please Contact Support. Before doing so, first check to see if there is a beta version available which fixes your issue.

- If you have auto-login for Windows enabled, and have multiple monitors or are running SyncBack on a remote machine and using RDP to access it, and have SyncBack set to run on login, and SyncBack is set to minimize to the tray, then in some cases the SyncBack window will be blank when restored from the tray. It must be terminated via the Task Manager and restarted.

- Mirroring a file will fail on the first run if a folder with the same name already exists in the destination (even if the folder is configured to be deleted). This is because SyncBack creates and deletes folders after files have been copied and deleted. New folders are created as needed as files are copied. The folder will be deleted (after the copy has failed) so the second run of the profile will not have a problem (as the folder has already been deleted).

- In some situations all of the available network connections to a server will be used up. See this article for the solution.

- SyncBack only works with valid Windows filenames. This means you cannot have filenames that contain characters such as asterisk, for example. However, invalid Windows filenames can be used with FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers. The filename will be translated automatically to make it a valid Windows filename. See the help file for details.

- File hashing (the option "Use slower but more reliable method of file change detection") does not work correctly when Fast Backups are used. The issue is that every source file would need to have its hash file computed every time the profile is run, which would severely impact performance. The hash value would need to be computed because it would need to be referred to for comparison when the profile is run in future. This issue can be resolved by enabling the option "Always use slower but more reliable method of file change detection".

- If you have more than one monitor, and they have different DPI settings, then there can be scaling issues. For example, if SyncBack is not on the main monitor then the pop-up menu for the tray icon will be scaled as per the DPI of the monitor SyncBack is on and not the DPI of the main monitor where the tray icon is located. Also, when displaying windows for the first time SyncBack may need to briefly resize and move the window.

- If the SyncBack main window, or Differences window, is maximized, the Differences Window may steal focus when it appears.

Issues with 3rd Party Systems

The following are known compatibility issues with other 3rd party software or systems:

- There are known problems with the SMB2 protocol support in macOS Mavericks and newer. This means SyncBack may fail when scanning a remote macOS computer. A solution to this problem is to install SyncBack Touch on the macOS computer and create a SyncBackPro/SE profile to use SyncBack Touch (SyncBackFree cannot use SyncBack Touch).

Stardock WindowBlinds may cause problems with the SyncBack user interface. Please consult Stardock for technical support on such issues.

eXtraButtons has been reported as causing display corruption and program lockup in some versions of SyncBack. This program apparently has an exception mode whereby SyncBack can be excluded from their window modification processes, which may solve the issue, otherwise please consult the authors for support.