SyncBack has no realistic maximum file size (it can create files larger than the biggest currently-available disk, by a huge margin) except as noted below:

  • SyncBackPro and the cloud: Many cloud services have maximum file sizes. Refer to the cloud services documentation for details.
  • SyncBack and FTP: SyncBack has no size limits but your FTP server probably does. Check your FTP server software to see if it has any file size limits, or if the storage device it saves files to has any limits.
  • SyncBack and Zip: SyncBack uses the Zip64 format so has no practical limits on the size of the Zip file or files that go into the Zip file. However, where/how the resulting Zip is stored might have a size limit. The self-extracting executable is 32-bit, it is limited to roughly 2GB in size (it's not exactly 2GB as it depends on the executable extractor included in the file).

The FAT and FAT32 file systems have a file size limit of 4GB. Using SyncBackPro/SE you can avoid this limitation by performing a backup to a single Zip file that is split into separate 4GB files. This workaround is not available in SyncBackFree, as it does not support the single-Zip-splitting function.