Files and folders I did not select are being included in my profile. Why and how do I change it?

By default profiles will automatically include all new files and folders in the folders you have selected (except if they are filtered out by the Filters). For example, with a default backup profile, if you create a new file or folder in your Source folder then it will be copied to your Destination. To change this:

  • Modify your profile

  • Click the Choose sub-directories and files button

  • The last two columns of the File & Folder Selection window are titled New Files and New Folders. By default they are set to Include new files and Include new folders. For selected* (ticked) folders (that have been expanded**) you can change these values. 

    You can also use the options 'Ignore all new files and folders' and 'Include all new files and folders' to ignore or include new files/folders created in all expanded folders. You can select these options from burger menu on the top left of 'Choose sub-directories and files' settings page.

  • Change the settings for each folder (as appropriate) to Ignore New Folders and/or Ignore New Files. You can change it for multiple folders by selecting the folders using the Shift/Ctrl keys, then right-clicking on the selection and choosing the appropriate menu item from the pop-up menu.

  • You may also want to take this opportunity to untick any files/folders you don't want included in the profile.

* if a folder is not itself ticked, these Include/Ignore New [content] settings are irrelevant, as the whole folder branch is being ignored anyway.

** these options are not (yet) available for folders which have never been expanded. This is because if they have never been expanded, the profile will not have enumerated (recorded) their content (because if you are backing up all contents, there is no need for a list of all the contents - we just need to record the fact  'all', which is faster and takes less space). But if you want to suppress inclusion of new content, the profile needs a list of everything currently present in that location (so it can then tell what is new thereafter), and currently it does not have one. Expand the folder to enumerate/record the contents, and the options to Ignore/Include will then be enabled.