Can I create plug-ins, or write scripts, to extend or enhance SyncBackPro?

Yes, SyncBackPro supports the use of scripts.

- For SyncBackPro V8 (or newer), if you are using the 64-bit version, then scripts can be written in Basic or Pascal scripting language. The Basic language is very similar to VBScript, and the Pascal scripting language is similar to Delphi. If you are using the 32-bit version, then you can use the newer Basic and Pascal scripting languages as well as the scripts used in V7 and older.

- For SyncBackPro V7 and older, scripts can be written in any scripting language supported by the Windows Scripting Host, but they are typically written using VBScript.

The SyncBackPro Help file has extensive information on how to create your own scripts, and SyncBackPro is installed with example scripts* in the program folder. Please keep in mind that a script can call a COM object, so if you prefer to write the plug-in in another programming language, e.g. C++, then you simply need to create the COM object and have the script use your COM object to perform its tasks.

You can download and submit scripts for SyncBackPro at:

Note that we do not write bespoke scripts for people, nor provide bespoke assistance in doing so. We provide the scripting facility, the Scripting section in the Help, and the examples provided in the program folder and the scripting page of the website (see above link). The rest is up to the user.

* not all scripts in the program folder are installable. Some are 'callable' (for use in Programs-Before, or similar) and/or stand-alone.