Can I use EncryptOnClick on the command line?

Yes, the following command line parameters can be used:

-p [password] You can pass the password on the command line instead of being prompted for it. If the password contains a space then wrap it in double-quotes, e.g. "my password"

-e Encrypt files in the folders

-d Decrypt files in the folders

-u Run unattended, i.e. do not prompt me. 

-n The original file will not be deleted after it has been encrypted or decrypted.

-f filename Encrypt the filenames (by default filenames are not encrypted)

-c comment When encrypting files, use this comment.

Any error messages will be written to the file 'Errors.txt' in the current directory. Note that errors are appended to the file if it exists.

Any other parameters are taken as filenames or folder names. Folders should have a trailing backslash otherwise they are treated as filenames. Note that a file with the .EOC extension is assumed to be encrypted and so will be decrypted. Any files without the .EOC extension will be encrypted.