Issues with OnChange & OnInsert (When > Changes and/or When > Insert)

The former function relies on setting up request/s with Windows to be notified of changes (new files, edits, deletions...) in specified file-paths.

We have received a report that an update to 3rd-party antivirus software prevented the notifications from Windows of file-changes in a path being broadcast to applications that requested such notifications. This was apparently linked to 'unauthorised' USB devices (for which no rule or exception had been created). This is something you may wish to investigate if the OnChange functionality suddenly stops working (bear in mind new AV functionality might be 'delivered' silently c/o automatic updates, so you may be otherwise unaware anything changed in this respect)

It is possible the same AV functionality might also suppress notification of drive-insertion (connection of such drives) so that profiles set to run OnInsert of such drives fail to do so.

There was also a separate incident from another user who encountered a situation where proprietary software bundled with 3rd party motherboard (example - Gigabyte, etc) hindered with the activation of OnInsert by SyncBackSE/Pro, thus preventing the profile from triggering when an external drive is inserted. As such software may have different naming conventions, it is impossible to list them all. However, users may wish to keep a lookout for any software that may block the usage of USB connections, etc.

Applies to: SyncBackSE, SyncBackPro: the OnInsert and OnChange functions are not supported in SyncBackFree