Under the Support menu of the main SyncBack interface, there is an option "Email a Support Ticket". When selecting this option, it should open the default email program in your system. However, if you observe another application opens (for example, Google Chrome, etc) this is because this alternative application has taken ownership of the Mailto: action.

This can be rectified by changing the Mailto: action to an appropriate email client:

1. Open the Control Panel and select Default Programs

2. Select Set your default programs

3. Locate your default email client program (for example: Outlook, etc), select it and choose the option Choose defaults for this program

4. If the MAILTO option is unchecked and is showing that another application is set as default for this extension, check/tick the box next to MAILTO to revert ownership back to your default email client.

Note: Although this article applies to all variants of SyncBack (Free/SE/Pro), please be aware that only current version users of SyncBackSE and/or SyncBackPro are eligible for direct support. Freeware users are not eligible, except by special prior invitation.