Folder Flattening

Folder flattening is a process of extracting files from different sub-directories on source to a single folder on destination.

SyncBack does not support flattening the folder structure. The possible reasons are:

1. SyncBack backup files from source to same folder structure on destination, so that they can be easily restored to the folders from where they were copied.

This approach would be extremely helpful in situations where your source drive is corrupted or lost, and the existing folder structure on it is completely deleted. In such cases, you can simply restore data from your backup drive, and SyncBack will recreate the necessary folder structure and copy files from the backup drive.

2. If a file with same name exists in different sub-folders on source, then copying such files without folder structure will retain only the last file in the backup drive (as the other files with the same name would be overwritten when a new file is copied).

If you wish you can try searching online for a ‘folder flattening' utility. However, we cannot provide bespoke support on recommending any utility, nor can we provide support for troubleshooting issues arising from the use of such utility.