2BrightSparks Technical Support Policy

Support Options

To ensure every customer who requires assistance receive appropriate support, 2BrightSparks provides the following support options.

Self-Service Support Options

The following free resource support options are available to all users of 2BrightSparks software (freeware and licensed).

Program Help File

From within the program, you can access the contextual Help file (either by clicking on the Help button or press F1) to bring up the help pages that explains every option in detail, provide How-to and Quick Start guides and many more. The program Help file is available freely for our program users.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles that addresses known issues and fixes, licensing and support questions, How-to guides and much more. These articles are publicly available. A search function and a link to contact our support team can be found in the Knowledge Base site.

2BrightSparks Forum

You can also post and ask software-related questions at our 2BrightSparks Forum, which have an active community with thousands of posts. Please note that the forum is for users to help other users. 2BrightSparks does not, and will not, provide technical support via the forum. If you have found a bug in any of our software, including our freeware, please submit a support ticket. We want to fix any and all bugs as quickly as possible.


Over the years we've written numerous articles that explain technical concepts, how to use our software, cloud technology, etc. These articles can often help you understand some concepts that may be difficult to understand initially.


Sometimes the best way to explain something is to show how it is done. Our tutorials section has step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, on how to use functions in our software.

Software Updates

For our current version software users, you can visit our Downloads page to get the latest minor version updates for bug fixes and improvements. You can also get software update notifications and keep up-to-date with the latest news by subscribing to our Spam free Mailing List. This option is not available to obsolete/outdated versions of SyncBack.

Email Support (for current commercial licensed users)

Customers who paid for and are using our current commercial products can contact us via email to receive professional assistance from our support team. The level of support provided depends on the software you are using and whether you are subscribed to Upgrade Assurance:

SyncBackSE/Pro users - 90 days basic email support

SyncBackSE/Pro users + Upgrade Assurance subscribers - extended priority technical support (while staying subscribed to Upgrade Assurance)

Support is only available using English, and is only available for current version users.

Email support is not available for freeware users. We also do not support previous versions of our software (for example SyncBackSE/Pro V8). Use our self-service options if this applies to you.

How to Request for Technical Support

You can use one of the following methods to contact our Support Team:

Support Form - Fill in the support form with your subject, issue description and your email. File attachments are supported. The same form can also be found under the 'Contact Support' link on our Knowledge Base (right side).

Direct Email - Send an email directly to our support email. Remember to include your product name, product version, product serial number (if available) and Windows version.

Send email from SyncBack - You can also submit your support request directly from SyncBack. From the program, go to Help menu, and select 'Email a Support Ticket'. SyncBack will open your mail client and pre-fill the recipient and subject field with the required information. You only need to describe your issue in the email body.

Please refer to this article for the type of information to provide us when requesting for technical support.

Software Upgrades (Free for Upgrade Assurance subscribers)

Subscribers of Upgrade Assurance will also get free upgrades to future SyncBackPro or SE major version releases while staying subscribed. There will be no upgrade fees. When a new major version is released, Upgrade Assurance subscribers can simply download and install it to enjoy the latest SyncBackSE/Pro features, at no additional charges! Please visit our Upgrade Assurance article for more information.

Scope of Coverage

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd Support will cover common software related issues such as: Feature questions, basic setup questions, and software errors.

Support will not cover: non-software related issues, operating system specific issues (including specific FTP configuration, cloud service configuration), scripting, freeware issues. We cannot provide support for services, hardware and software that are not our own.

In addition, we do not provide support for 2BrightSparks software installed on pre-release Windows versions (for example, Alpha, Beta, Insider Builds, etc.) or Windows versions that are not x86 or x64 (e.g. Arm64). We also do not provide support for software installed on versions of Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft (end of extended support, etc). Refer to the following link to find out which Windows client versions are currently supported:


Support Hours

Email support is available Monday to Friday. Support is not available for the following days:

Weekends and Public Holidays
Christmas Day
New Years Day
Chinese New Year
Easter Weekend (Good Friday through Easter Monday)

We usually respond within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). Tickets posted during the weekend will receive a response on Monday.

Unsupported Support Methods

Phone/Remote Support

Support via phone, remote access or chat are not available. To ensure that support requests are logged and tracked properly, we will only respond to requests submitted through our Contact Form page or via our support email address.

Non-2BrightSparks products, or non-software related issues

We do not provide support for products not related to our software, or non-software related issues.

Abusive behaviors when requesting for support

At 2BrightSparks, we are committed to identify and prevent abusive behaviors of our support representatives. Any abusive actions will result in a caution, and support privileges will be removed if the abuse continues.

Excessive and Unreasonable support requests

Support is not unlimited. We reserve the right to deny support if we consider it to be excessive and/or unreasonable.

Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at the time of response. Note that we cannot guarantee a resolution of all support issues, nor can we guarantee their resolution within a certain time frame.