Support is only available for new commercial licensees, Upgrade Assurance subscribers or by prior invitation. For freeware please visit the Forum. Read our Support Policy for the full details.

When submitting a Support Request for technical assistance, please make sure you have done the following first:

  • Take a look at the extensive Help file (within the program press F1 at any time for context sensitive help).
  • An online version of the Help file is also available.
  • Search our Knowledge Base to see if the question has already been answered.
  • Look at our list of articles to see if it helps.
  • Check to see if we have a tutorial that explains it.
  • Search the forums to see if someone else has asked the same question.
  • You should also check to see if you are using the latest version of the program, and if not, update and test again.
  • Check if there is a BETA version available which fixes your issue.

When contacting support, please provide these mandatory information that you are requesting support for:
  • Full product name: For example, SyncBackPro.  Indicate if you are asking a pre-sales question and do not own our product.
  • Full product version: For example, V11.0.0.0
  • Product serial number: Retrieve your serial number from Help > About in the software.
  • Windows product name and version: For example, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
  • Detailed description of the issue/problem and steps to reproduce the problem (if possible).

All support information provided is treated as confidential. It is not shared with anyone outside of 2BrightSparks without your consent. Please do not withhold or edit the debug information as this limits our ability to provide support. We reserve the right to refuse support if vital information is withheld.
Note that we do not provide technical support for our freeware, e.g. SyncBackFree, nor obsolete SyncBackSE/Pro versions (e.g. SyncBack V9). SyncBackFree is not an evaluation version of SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE. If you want to evaluate SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE then please install and evaluate it.

We cannot provide technical support for software that is not ours, e.g. Windows, anti-virus software, firewall software, proxy servers, cloud servers, FTP servers, etc., nor can we provide technical support for hardware, e.g. routers, external drives, etc.

SyncBackSE/Pro are limited to 3 months of basic support from date of purchase. SyncBackSE/Pro customers with an active Upgrade Assurance subscription will get priority technical support while subscribed.

Here are additional helpful tips when contacting support:

  • Change your SyncBack user interface to English (if it is in a different language) before generating logs and error messages. This can be done via burger menu -> Language in SyncBack. This will ensure the logs and error messages are in English.
  • If there are error messages in the log file, copy and paste them into the support ticket. This is very important. Without knowing what the error is, we cannot help.
  • Screenshots are very help. Take a screenshot of the error message and sent it to us.
  • You can generate a Support Zip with SyncBack. Support Zip contains your profile, its log files, and other information useful for our troubleshooting. To do this, select Support tab -> Technical Support Wizard in SyncBack. You can then attach that Support Zip file to the support ticket. Review this article for more details.
  • If the problem is with an FTP/email/cloud server, then state which kind of FTP/email/cloud server you are using. Try using another FTP/email client program, with the same settings to see if it is a network or FTP/email server problem. To reduce troubleshooting time, send us your profile's Support Zip with debug file (see this article for details).
  • Please provide as much information about the error as you can. Providing little to no information of the issue will only delay in finding the solution as we need to ask you for more details.

If after reviewing the information above you have further questions, please Contact Support.