SyncBackSE/Pro Major Version Upgrades Explained

Version 8 of SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE represents a major upgrade.

There is a modest upgrade cost to licensees who purchased a license some time ago. This article details the qualification for some existing licensees to upgrade freely, and also why the charge is being made.

Existing customers may check their eligibility for an upgrade using the following link:

Licensees of SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE have continued to enjoy thousands of new features, updates and fixes:

SyncBackPro V8 Upgrades

SyncBackPro Version 8 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased a full or upgrade license on or after 1st January 2017.

The following upgrade prices apply to those who purchased a license before 1st Jan 2017. This may apply to you if you have paid for multiple licenses over a long period (volume discounts also apply):

Upgrading from earlier versions of SyncBackPro

  • SyncBackPro V7 to SyncBackPro V8: US$25.00
  • SyncBackPro V6 (and earlier) to SyncBackPro V8: US$30.00

Upgrading from SyncBackSE

  • SyncBackSE V8 to SyncBack Pro V8: US$20.00
  • SyncBackSE V7 to SyncBackPro V8: US$30.00
  • SyncBackSE V6 (and earlier) to SyncBackPro V8: US$40.00

SyncBackSE V8 Upgrades

SyncBackSE Version 8 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased a license on or after 1st January 2017.

The following upgrade prices apply to those who purchased a license before 1st January 2017. This may apply to you if you have paid for multiple licenses over a long period (volume discounts also apply):

  • SyncBackSE V7 to SyncBackSE V8: US$18.00
  • SyncBackSE V6 (and earlier) to SyncBackSE V8: US$25.00

(New for V8) Upgrade Assurance

Customers upgrading to SyncBackSE/Pro V8 will have the opportunity to purchase the optional Upgrade Assurance plan, which is a subscription service. Upgrade Assurance subscribers will get free upgrades for new major version releases and extended priority support.

The annual subscription cost is US$10.00 per subscription. Visit our Upgrade Assurance article page for more info.

Do I have to upgrade?

No. Although licensees will be advised to upgrade to the latest version, there is no requirement to do so. All existing licensees of SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro will continue to enjoy the benefits of version 5/6/7 indefinitely if they so wish. However, technical support for versions 5/6/7 has officially ceased.

Support Ticketing

V8 licensees will get 3 months free basic support. Upgrade Assurance subscription is required for additional support after the free support period. All Version 8 licensees will get minor updates to V8 free of charge: review the frequency of updates.

Support for versions before 8 has officially ceased. You may also read our Support Policy.

Why charge for the upgrade?

Here are a few of the many reasons why we believe a modest fee to upgrade is justified:

  • V8 offers substantive advantages over previous versions.
  • We continue to invest thousands of man hours actively developing and supporting SyncBackPro,  SyncBackSE and SyncBack Touch with new features, updates, and fixes. View the comparison chart to see what is new in V8.
  • We pay for powerful new components that extend the programs.
  • We pay for additional services every month. These services support SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE users. For example our site allows free downloads of the latest version (server costs), our store allows users to pay for additional licenses, and our mailing list allows users to be informed about the latest updates and provides advice about how to get the best from their software (mailing list service provider).

In other words, when users purchase a license of our software, they also enjoy ongoing support of the software product through the site, hundreds of updated articles, a free and open forum, and 3 months support ticketing via email.

We hope you therefore agree that a modest charge for an upgrade is both fair and reasonable.

I am using V5/V6/V7 but would like to try V8. Can I?

Yes, but note that you cannot have V5/6/7 and V8 installed at the same time. When you install V8 it will upgrade your existing installation (including its profiles and settings) and make a backup* of your original profiles and settings in case you later want to go back to using V5/6/7. You then have 30 days to evaluate V8.

After trying V8, if you decide not to upgrade, then you can uninstall V8 and install V5/6/7 (you must install the latest version of V5/6/7 from our Legacy Downloads page, which at this time is V5.20.0.0, V6.5.49.0 and V7.12.12.0). When the latest V5/6/7 is installed it will restore* your original settings and profiles. Older versions of V5/6/7 (including V4 and V3) do not know anything about V8 and so will not know how to restore your original profiles and settings. This is why you must install the latest version of V5/6/7 to ensure your profiles and settings are restored in the event you want to roll back.

If you are a SyncBackSE/Pro V5/6/7 user and wants to evaluate 64-bit of V8, please make sure that you do not have the 32-bit versions of SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro installed at the same time as the 64-bit versions, and vice-versa. To evaluate SyncBackSE/Pro V8 64-bit, you should export your profiles from the 32-bit version, uninstall it, install the 64-bit version and then import your profiles. If you choose not to upgrade, you can roll back to your older version by performing the above steps in reverse.

* The default backup location of your V5/6/7 profiles will be a subfolder called SyncBackProV5/6/7 Backup or SyncBackSEV5/6/7 Backup (Folder name will reflect your version number depending on which SyncBack version you are backing up from) inside your '(My) Documents' folder (the full path\location of which is detected from your Windows configuration). There is an opportunity during the V8 install to change this to a custom location instead. If you do so, and then re-install V5/6/7, it is your responsibility to remember what that custom location that you chose was, and to 'point' V5/6/7 to it.

Is SyncBackLite eligible for upgrades?

As an entry level backup solution, SyncBackLite is not eligible for upgrade pricing.