When I exit SyncBackSE/Pro it exports all my profiles. Why is it doing that? How do I stop it?

By default SyncBackSE/Pro will make a backup of all your profiles, and the program settings, every time you exit the program. To change where the backup is made, or to switch it off, click the burger menu > Global settings > Settings Backup tab. See the option Backup all profiles when the program exits.

SyncBackSE/Pro introduced the facility to separately configure whether this happens when the program exits Attended (basically, 'manually', but see below re Windows shutdowns, etc.) or Unattended (for example, after running on a Schedule). This can enable you to suppress the former (and the delay involved) when closing the program manually, but still back up your profiles when the program exits programmatically (and the delay is then inconsequential)

Note that (as per the Help on Profiles Backup), profiles will never be automatically backed up if SyncBack is closing due to a Windows shutdown/restart/logoff. This is to avoid interfering with the Windows shutdown/restart/logoff process. If you prefer your profiles to be backed up, always close SyncBack manually first (or, rely on Unattended runs doing it for you, if so configured).

Remember that you can set the profile-backup location to anywhere you like that can be reached by drive-letter or UNC path. You may wish to make this somewhere off-C drive, for example, so that if the PC fails, you are less likely to lose your profiles if you need to re-format C, etc. Bear in mind we cannot set this by default, as we do not know 'at the factory' which other drives you have.

These options are not available in SyncBackFree.

For alternative methods of backing up your profiles see the following article: